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nazgullow in kakayama

Uke Kakashi

Heehee, more fanart! Kakashi is the uke in this one :3


Wow! This is AMAZING! Yamato's expression is so complex. Nice work!
thank you!!! 8D 8D
Ooh, this one's also really nice! I think this may be the first time I've seen YamaKaka instead of the usual KakaYama, so that's pretty cool too. Your positioning is so good - I love the way Yamato's straddling Kakashi and that little glimpse of bare skin way back down there. It's a nice tasteful (and tasty!) hint. Yamato's expression looks like he's maybe being too careful, and Kakashi's looks like he's maybe just a little fed up with it. ^_^

Thanks for sharing this - it's great to see this pairing popping up a little more often!
hehe thanks! I'm glad the group isn't too dead, I was worried I joined too late >.>
LOL you're also the first one who seems to notice that lil hint i left xD. that patch of skin is just to clear up any misunderstanding of anyone thinking they're just playing some sort of horizontal piggyback...xD
'Horizontal piggyback' - LOL. That's actually a pretty good euphemism for it. XD

Yeah, the community is very quiet but not entirely dead just yet, from what I can see. I look forward to seeing more of your work with this pairing! ^_^
wahh thank you so much xD I hope my fanarts can perhaps inspire more KakaYama fanfics out there >:) there are too few!
I really like this. Clean lines, nice shading, the expressions, the hint of skin... Great work and thanks for sharing!!
thank you!! XDD glad people are picking up on the little hint... LOL
This is gorgous stuff! Their faces are so expressive. Thank you for sharing!
thank you so much! and omg i love your avatar T_T
I love uke Kakashi and Seme Yamato. Perfect work :3 Amazing ;3

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