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nazgullow in kakayama

My YamaKaka doujinshi

I drew a KakashixYamato doujinshi! It is a 20-page oneshot that features uh... relatively explicit YamaKaka content. It has uke!Kakashi in it xD

If you're interested, read it on my devianArt here or download the entire thing at mediafire here !
It's my first doujinshi! I hope you enjoy it anyway ^_^


dear gawd this is beautiful ;u;

i *love* uke!kakashi, you have no idea~

thanks so much for sharing!
thank youu!! I would like to share this doujinshi as much as possible to convert more people into KakaYama fans!! LOL
Wow. O_o

What an amazing doujinshi! You have a wonderful style of art, very expressive.

I must admit I do like this pairing but have never gone off to look for it specifically, or even thought about artwork. (Duh). I just took a peek at your DA gallery as well and I think I'll be looking through that properly later! ♥ (And way to go standing on all my uke!Kakashi buttons. Damn.)

Thank you so much for posting this and I'm glad I spotted it on the Naruto newsletter! :)

Edited at 2011-11-07 10:58 pm (UTC)
Eheh thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked the doujin and my art style!!
Firstly, your art is top-notch and super amazing, seriously. I just can't get enough of it ;A;

Second, I wasn't much of a fan of uke!Kakashi (nor of this pairing, either!) but I just had to read this after I saw your cover art (because, again, it's freaking amazing). I'm so happy that I read it, because I really love this pairing now! It's so endearing and heartwarming and just... It's so well-balanced, you know? Well, actually, I have no idea what I mean by that, haha... ^-^;

Anyway, I enjoyed this very, very much! Thank you for sharing! :)
LOL awesome! Mission accomplished, I managed to convert someone into a KakaYama fan!! xD
thank you very much, yes I tried to keep a balance of 'establishing the rough camaraderie between them' and also the whole 'yaoi!' thing xD... hope it worked out ok
thank you again, i'm happy you enjoyed it ^_^
How does this not have more comments? ♥

I really like the interaction between the two of them here, and seeing Yamato's reaction when he found out that Kakashi had died was wonderful.
hehe thank you so much! Yes I wanted to make him all... shocked but in a calm way LOL
Oh my guh, YES. This is wonderful - the art, the plot, the pacing, the characterization and of course the porn. Thank you so much for drawing/writing this, and for sharing it. It's gorgeous and satisfying and hot and sensual and it makes me a very happy KakaYama fan. ^___^♥

I'll be in my bunk.
plot? what plot? lol jk, thank you very much!
I'm glad you like it! kakayama ftw (Y)
I love that you took the time to have a conversation to establish characterization and mindset before diving into the delicious porn - having Yamato's reaction to news that Kakashi had died, having Yamato wrapped up in all those broody depressing thoughts and having Kakashi talk a little hope back into him.  It's a nice setup, and I really like Kakashi's line about Yamato having too much respect for him - there's a lot of characterization packed into just those few words (how Kakashi views himself and how he views Yamato as well as how Yamato views him), and I like his choice of methods for getting them more 'familiar'.  ♥
I also wanted to commend you on your ability to be very explicit without actually showing explicit body parts (and without resorting to that godawful Invisible Penis trope that plagues the visual yaoi genre).  It's tasteful and erotic and really well done.  And I love the way that Yamato stops being passive and takes over halfway through, too.  The porn just flows really well.  The whole thing flows.  It's just beautiful, and again, I really really enjoyed it.  ^_^♥
awh thank you so very much T_T Yes I tried to kinda establish the whole 'soldier' issue thing that's going, cuz for some reason they never really explored this theme until the recent ninja war arc! And yes, I also wanted to give Yamato a little more personality, not just as the dull (and occasionally amusing) character in the Naruto manga >.> I half hope they'd expand on his past and personality, but then if they do that then it might mean that he'll be killed off soon... LOL

Again, I'm glad you really enjoyed it!
Very thought-provoking text and splendid professional art, thank you very much!
I'll be waiting for your next work!
thank you so much! glad you like it :D I hope to draw more soon too ^_^
AMAZING! When I finish read, I think "I need more this" D;

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