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KakaYama Whisper


[Fic] Foreign Fruit (Kakashi, Yamato)

Title: Foreign Fruit and the Balance of the Universe
Author: TJ Dragonblade
Characters: Kakashi, Yamato
Rated: 11+
Word Count: ~1300

Setting: We'll call it not-too-distant-future fic

Warnings: I tried to keep it as gen and open-to-interpretation as possible, but it probably leans just a bit in the M/M direction despite my efforts.

Summary: From the prompt Kakashi - First Date on naruto_meme. Creative interpretation encouraged.

カカシ + bedsheets


(no subject)

Shame this community is so dead :<

Title: --
Subject: はたけカカシ (Hatake Kakashi), テンゾウ (Tenzou)
Rating: G
Medium: Paint tool Sai
Time taken: ~7 hours
Comments: This was originally a pencil doodle in my notebook (oh the works of history class). I blame ishicat for making me like this pairing that's not even obvious in the picture

Full picture here


Gulf Aid Now

I've decided to take on another auction/donation in the hopes that it will help the world. gulf_aid_now is bringing together fandoms and creative persons all over LJ to aid in cleaning up the Gulf. I've offered up fanfiction for many different fandoms/pairings, including this one!

The starting bid is $5, which will get someone a 5,000 word fic. Fic length increases as the amount donated increases. My offer is here! Please donate to gulf_aid_now and help out!
Tough Guy


Chat bite - FF

Summary: Stargazing, how much he loves them. Until a sudden, yet deadly, threat pops up and is about to interrupt him.


Chat biteCollapse )
Light &#39;em up


Hey there! I has art for joo!

I've only just joined so I'm not sure what the rules are on here.
So, I'm only sharing some non-smutty stuff for now.

Clicky the link for KakaYama love!---> http://fox4859.livejournal.com/15827.html

Enjoy! And please comment! I love to chat! :D

+thatreevesgirl: Personal Icon (old vers


I bring forth a fic!

X-posted in my personal journal thatreevesgirl  and chuunin 

Title: Underneath You
Pairing: Kakashi x Tenzou
Rating: T
Word Count: 6400ish (complete, though there might be a smuttier follow up fic)
Summary: Tenzou is a young special jounin in the ANBU. He is talented, quick-witted, and a natural leader. He finds that he must to come to terms with his mixed feelings for his friend Kakashi and the inability to be free of the ANBU.

It is too long for a single LJ post, so here is the ff.net link. 

I have one other KakaYama story [link to fic in my journal]

I also have a few sketches that I'll scan and post in a day or two.  ^__^  Let's not let the KakaYama love die.  <3



[ficlet] a point in one direction - for the Someone Goes on a Mission Challenge

Title: A Point in One Direction
Words: 770
Warnings: Angst, schmoop, longing, no porn, unbeta'd
a/n: hi, hope you don't mind me appearing out of nowhere and contributing fic...

Just one little stepCollapse )
starry night


New Maintainer Comes With a Fanfic Challenge!

Hello KakaYama fans, I'm am your new maintainer. 

I have come with a new community challenge!
The prompt is: Senpai/Kohai goes on a mission.

The challenge is to write a oneshot that has something to do with Kakashi and Yamato having one last meeting before one of them goes on a dangerous mission.
You can make it as sweet, or as smutty, as you want!
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KakaYama Moment... and some administration information


KakaYama Moment... and some administration informationCollapse )




Finally Completed =)

My Kakayama doujinshi is finally complete

If you want to see:


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