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kakayama's Journal

A Kakashi/Yamato Community
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A community for all Kakashi x Yamato Yaoi!

kakayama is a community for the pairing between Kakashi Hatake and Yamato (Tenzou) from Masashi Kishimoto's anime/manga Naruto! The two obviously have a past together--whether it be a mutual friendship, a past relationship, or a brief encounter while in ANBU--the way you take it is entirely up to you!

The community welcomes both friendship and a very sexual relationship between Kakashi and Yamato, so we ask that you be accepting as well.


1.) Anything can be posted here as long as it relates in any way to Hatake Kakashi and/or Yamato (Tenzou) of the anime/manga Naruto. Fanart, fanfiction, FST, memes, icons, and doujinshi are welcome here!

2.) All fanfiction, fanart, and posts longer than a paragraph (this is where we ask you to use your own discretion, but please be reasonable) must be placed under an LJ-cut. Anything rated above PG-13, whether it be art or fic or what have you, must have proper warnings and must be behind a lj-cut.

3.) Spoilers are going to be COMMONPLACE! Be sure to label your posts accordingly and use a lj-cut.

4.) The community name does not dictate the relationship standing (ie: kakashi seme, yamato uke). You have free creative reign with the two of them, as long as it involves... the two of them.

5.) Have fun, y'know? Don't flame anyone and keep this community friendly!


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